We think that it is important to do our best to protect the environment and promote sustainable resources.
With that in mind, Wellston has started exporting UCOil, a new and incredible resource derived from recycled cooking oil.

WTC can export UCOil products all over the world at affordable prices. If you are in search of this new eco-friendly resource, contact us for more information or send us an inquiry.

What are UCOils?

Acronym for "Used Cook Oil", it indicates oils that have been used in food production and processing or that have passed the expiration date.
UCOils are collected and refined so that they can transformed and reused in a series of products.
Some examples that use UCOils:







And many more!

Every year more than Four Hundred Twenty Thousand tons of oil are collected from food factories, school meals suppliers, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets etc. all over Japan.
A vast amount of waste to which new life can be given as a renewable resource adaptable to multiple purposes.

Advantages of UCOils

Refined UCOil is an remarkable resource, characterized by an exceptionally high heat value, that makes it adaptable to a lot of uses. In addition, it is a traceable and CO2-free product that encounter the needs of enviroment-friendly enterprises.
UCOil products are exported globally, especially in the EU, where there is an increasing demand for affordable biofuels and sustainable energy sources.

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